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Please use the form below and let us know how we're doing, share your experiences at Third Space andfeel free to tell us ways we can improve, things you'd like to see us do in the future, etc.

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Notes from the Community

"Third Space Art Collective is essential to our community and the people who run it are some of the most talented and enlightened artists you could ever meet. Shows and events there have a genuine vibe that many other venues would love to replicate. It's one of those things that makes Davis so unique."

- Danny Tomasello, Davis

"I can wholeheartedly say that Third Space Art Collective is one of the best gathering spots in town. From community yoga classes to a flea market, this place has a wonderfully welcoming and creative environment. As a UC Davis student, I'm so grateful Third Space is around. The personalities there are lovely, and I highly recommend checking out one of the events if you haven't yet done so!"

- Chloe Lessard, Davis

"The flexible programming and space have opened up a lot of opportunities for activities that would otherwise have some difficulty finding a Davis venue. I know there are a lot of other venues, and my experience and observation shows that Third Space is different from all of them. I actually haven't had a really good time at the events I've attended, and that paradoxically speaks to the need that they're filling: different parts of our community, and people from outside it, are coming together at Third Space. Art isn't always comfortable, but there's often value in it, regardless."

- Doug Walter, Davis

"Originally, I joined Third Space to work on creating pieces for a solo exhibition in San Francisco. Third Space was the most affordable and accommodating art studio space that I found among Sacramento, Davis, Vallejo, Richmond, Oakland and San Francisco. I soon decided to rent a private studio at the collective warehouse to continue to grow my practice. Without this space, it would have been extremely difficult to make new work for SF Open Studios and participate in exhibitions at the SOMArts Gallery and Spark Arts Gallery this last fall. Without this space, I know many of us artists will be searching for a new affordable space that fosters community and a vibrant creative spirit; however, affordable spaces are becoming harder and harder to find. I am so grateful for the time that I have had at Third Space Art Collective – I hope that we can find a space for the collective to continue!"

- Shannon D. Schmidt, Vacaville

"Third space has been, and continues to be the only venue in Davis that I, as a musician and a music lover, can see and play shows regardless of my age. The venue is always the coolest place to play. If it weren't for Third Space, the only other place we could have shows would be at houses, which are not so reliable and accommodating. They even recently helped make screen printing happen for the CSSC convergence at Davis, a wonderful event with very little funding. The generosity and reliability of Third Space is no where else to be found in Davis. If Third Space ever died, Davis would become exponentially less cool."

- Greta Soos, Davis

"Third Space is a wonderful institution that is valuable to our community beyond measure. It fosters community and creativity that make a difference in so many peoples lives."

- Daniel Hastings, Davis

"Third Space is a very valuable addition to establishing Davis as an important social and artistic hub in the Sacramento Valley. As a UC professor and as a parent of two children in the DJUSD, I find it one of the most exciting projects in Davis."

- Jesse Drew, Davis

"I love the way Third Space Art Collective has risen up and grown to be such a huge part of the community in the last year or so. It's a place to learn and explore, meet people, and share ideas. The services it provides are unmatched in the community."

- Ashley, Davis

"Third Space provides an eclectic and creative assortment of music and artwork. Please allow Third Space to continue inspiring and supporting local artists!"

- Michael-Anne Sowick, Davis

"Third Space is amazing and deserving of all the praise you see here. There are countless artists that I've seen, met, and connected with that have made my time in Davis all the more memorable."

- Alex Lopez, Davis

"Third Space provides Davis people the opportunity to create community in a beautiful way. The music events and free yoga classes are incredible!"

- Nikki Sanderson, Sacramento

"We need more low-cost art and entertainment opportunities in Davis. We need a way for people to engage with each other in a positive way. We need a reputation as a business-friendly community. We need to be inclusive. Third Space helps to meet all of those needs, in a building that would otherwise be vacant and a dangerous nuisance. We must support this kind of endeavor, not regulate it out of our town."

- Julie Cross, Davis

"Hi – I totally support what you are doing. I think it is a wonderful benefit to Davis. I happen to hold folk music house concerts with local musicians in my backyard during the summer and am interested in working with the City and my neighbors to keep everyone happy too. There is one neighbor (only one) who has complained to the police about my concerts – everyone else is thrilled by them. I would be interested in working with Third Space to make sure things like what we are both doing are allowed to continue – within guidelines is fine – and not stopped by one single individual. Please keep me posted on meetings I can attend."

- Robin Dewey, Davis

"Third Space Art Collective is an inclusive, Davis-centric community of artists who are making the world a happier place to be in. They foster an environment of independent thought, encourage young people to express themselves, and are perfectly representative of the fact that Davis, as a community, can create a strong forum for expression; that our community can produce quality cultural experience locally.

Third Space is a place that the people of Davis have built for themselves, and the amount of work evident is astonishing. This alone should be proof that the community cares deeply about its benefits."

- Matt Stalcup, Davis

"Third Space is an amazing asset to the community and taking away their ability to put on live shows truly affects the community in a very negative way."

- Danielle, Davis

"I am just writing to express my whole-hearted support for the Third Space Art Collective. I believe community art centers are essential mainstays of a thriving, healthy, and intellectual community which must be supported and sustained. Having this space as an open, friendly environment for self-expression not only makes for beautiful and interesting products for the public to enjoy, but allows the citizens of Davis the chance to self-express, and live balanced and fruitful lives."

- Nicholas Depsky, Davis

"This is a huge part of the art community and is important to keep golden foundations such as this."

- Julie, Sacramento

"I can't tell you enough what a blessing third space is to the Davis community. Too often these days, culture is based around spending money and the economy. It is so refreshing to have a space in which people can gather around culture without feeling the need to provide monetary incentive. This space brings the community together around art, spirituality, music, and more. It is a space where people can gather without pressure. I hope to see more support for this space from the community. Thank you for your support and understanding of third space."

- Samantha Lubow, Davis

"I used to help out at Third Space shows and have been making my way down to 946 Olive Drive since the warehouse was first converted. The workshops, art exhibitions, flea market, and especially live music have a predominately positive impact on the Davis community. The Art Collective gives adults and children alike the chance to express themselves creatively in a space they'd otherwise not have access to in Davis. The flea market, as always, provides a venue for commerce, music, food, community building, and more. I owe my personal connection to Third Space mostly to the shows; going to the live music events either as a ticket-seller or a patron has improved my life. And I know I'm not the only one! Shows are good for touring bands, local musicians, introverts, socialites, nearby businesses (especially Dutch Bros, Redrum, and In-N-Out), artists, writers, children, students, adults... everyone! Third Space has an overall positive impact on local business, Davis residents, and the greater Yolo/Sacramento area itself!"

- Melissa Schiller, Davis

"I was given the opportunity to open for a touring artist here a while back, and it was a great experience. Third Space is an extremely cool venue that hosts a ton of awesome shows/events (I especially love the flea market!). I'm telling the powers that be that I'd like to see this business continue on in to the future."

- Gemma, Davis

"Third Space Art Collective is the ONLY viable option for art and music shows that aren't subjected to alcohol merchants besides Davis house shows. The venue on Olive drive is a thriving and safe operation that has worked hard for 18 months to build good relationships with the neighbors and the music and art community. The city should respect this grass roots collective's hard work and vitality and grant zoning for them to continue to exist. What about Rock Band U? Are they going to get run out of the area? Concerned, voter, citizen, artist, and Davisite."

- Nick Carvajal, Davis

"No question that Third Space is fulfilling a unique and critical function in Davis as one of only a very few performance art/music venues. All of Davis relies on Third Space to work on and exhibit the art that distinguishes it."

- Eli Zarrindast, Davis

"Yoga, great music, art classes, what a great experience!"

- Toby Maxwell, Davis

"Third Space has really emerged in my view as one of the best performance venues in a town that really seems to have few live performance options. As a musician myself originally from Davis, I was overjoyed to be able to bring my music to a great venue actually IN Davis, and to not have to look to Sacramento or the Bay Area if I want my hometown friends and connections to be able to see one of my shows. Hopefully any issues can be resolved because Davis really needs Third Space as a live performance venue!"

- Jon Hatamiya, Davis

"Third Space Art Collective is an awesome part of the Davis culture and community. The wholesome benefit of Third Space must absolutely be preserved! To do otherwise would be an affront to the magic that makes Davis magical."

- Ryan Morris, Sacramento

"I lived in Davis from 2004 to 2009, and though I've been gone for many years, I still consider it a home. While living in Davis, and participating at KDVS and in the town's live music scene, I learned about the importance and the comfort of community: people and spaces that encourage you to create, be active, get involved and know your neighbors. Third Space embodies these community ideals, and I appreciate that when I visit Davis, I know I can find my friends there."

- Elisa Hough, Washington D.C.

"As Davis business owners, a neighbor of Third Space, and longtime members of the community the Upper Crust Baking Co. would like to extend our support. In the short time Third Space has been our neighbor they have been respectful and courteous. It's a welcome addition to the vitality of the community. We wish them continued success."

- Kalisky Family, Davis

"No organization or venue in Davis has provided as much easily accessible art, poetry, music for all ages, workshops, and OPPORTUNITIES for budding artists/musicians than Third Space has over the past 18-months. Additionally, it provides an alcohol-free setting for students and adults to enjoy (versus the downtown bar-scene). This is one of the most vibrant and creative places/organizations in Davis, and should be supported, NOT stifled by the City of Davis."

- Diane Crumley PhD, Davis

"Third Space is one of the few spaces in Davis a young woman like myself can go to for an evening out with out having to fear harassment, assault, or rape. Unlike a fraternity house or a bar, Third Space is a completely dry space where sexism, racism, or any other kind of prejudice is not tolerated. I would go as far as to argue that it is the cultural hub of Davis with people coming from all over the Sacramento area to have dinner downtown and watch the bands perform in the space. If you are going to get rid of Third Space then I urgue you to also get rid of the other loud spaces in Davis that do much more harm and contribute less to the economy and culture of Davis than Third Space does."

- Alison Nealon, Davis

"I love Third Space!! I've been involved with first the flea market, then the theater, and now I'm a member of the art collective. I love that we have a space in Davis where anyone can come to be creative and work on their art, music, or other dreams. I'd love to see Third Space be incorporated in the future vision for Olive Drive development, and to continue to serve as a hub for artists in Davis to create."

- David Abramson, Davis

"I come to this place while walking the dog, or spending time with friends, or just when I'm bored to see what interesting projects they are up to and to chat with the folks there. I never feel unwelcome and am glad there's a place to host alternative arts in Davis. House shows disturb neighbors and amateur artists need platforms other than the conventional gallery. On top of that, the staff seem professional young abstract entrepreneurs and keep the place safe for all ages. Community means utilizing members' varied skills and empowering differences that are constructive. Where else in Davis is like third space? How can third space better fill its role? Those are the questions to consider for this community. I don't know the details behind this community support forum, but I hope it's not just red tape being used as white collar violence against a vulnerable nascent business doing what it can to fill an ever-present void in this community's public spaces."

- David Gordus, Davis

"Third space provides a great venue for creativity of all kinds. I think they do a great job of reaching out to the local community and getting them involved with the art and music scene. Why be a spectator when you can participate? No where else in Davis provides this kind of environment."

- Daniel Aguilar, Sacramento

"I am a long time resident of the city of Davis (16 years and counting), attorney, and member of the Davis arts community. I am also a former student manager at the UC Davis Craft Center (2000 - 2002), and a frequent participant at the Davis Arts Center. I can honestly say that the events and classes I have attended, taken, and participated in at 3rd Space are unrivaled in quality and community contribution in this city. It is an amazing resource for the community and it's members. I only hope that it is given the space and freedom to continue to thrive, grow, and contribute to the community and it's members for many years to come."

- Joel Rapaport, Davis

"Third Space has made it possible for me to start my own business. I teach Compassionate Communication, a method of inter-personal and intra-personal communication that helps resolve conflicts by turning them into moments of intimacy. I coach couples and family members in how to talk to each other with compassion and honesty. I help individuals gain skills in talking to themselves with more compassion and understanding, replacing that inner critical monologue. Finding affordable office space for a new private practice is hard in Davis. Third Space provided me a safe place to get started with a meager start-up budget. Now I have a full-time, thriving private practice where I get to help lots of people have more compassionate relationships in their lives."

- Alex Leach,